About us

Welcome to Lexington: I’m Sabrina and I’m the founder of Lexington250!

Dive into the rich tapestry of my town’s amazing history and join me in marking this significant milestone.

Hi, I’m Sabrina and I’m the founder of Lexington250!

I’m 13 years old, and I started Lexington250 first as a store in August of 2022. I fell in love with history when I was 6 years old, when the show, Hamilton came out. I visited all the historical houses here in Lexington and wanted to learn everything about them.

I started Lexington250 because I wanted to share my love for Lexington. The battle of Lexington happened 248 years ago and I wanted to celebrate this world-changing event.

Lexington has so many great sites to see, which is exactly why I decided to branch out into tourism. Making merch was great for the people in town, but I also wanted new people to get into history. I wanted these people to be able to be from any background and have the same appreciation of history as any of us do.

About my store itself
I created all the designs and store myself. I wanted to connect with kids my age about history and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it. Most of the designs are colonial-themed, but there are just some fun ones in there too. Since then it has taken off into so much more including being invited to a holiday market and even being in a local fashion show.

So let’s celebrate this amazing 250th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, together.