250th Anniversary Events

Join the Revolution!

There are lot of great organizations that are organizing the Colonists in town.
We’ll be adding to the list regularly!

Lexington Historical Society

Founded in 1886, Lexington Historical Society is an independent non-profit passionate about preserving Lexington’s history and sharing it with the public. The mission of the Historical Society is to be a premier interpreter of the events of April 1775, and the faithful steward of all of the town’s history through time.

They give tours of fascinating historic sites, where significant events of the early days of the American Revolution unfolded in Massachusetts. Visitors walk in the steps of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and George Washington!

I’ve been a Contributing member of the Historical Society for two years now, and love going to the events!

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Concord Museum

The Concord Museum’s collections number over 45,000 objects spanning the Indigenous history in the region beginning around 10,000 years ago through the history of the town of Concord beginning in the 17th century. Major collection areas include archaeological artifacts, furniture, ceramics, silver and pewter, household goods, photographs, documents, prints, paintings, historic clothing, and textiles. Their collections are particularly strong in decorative arts from the 18th and 19th centuries, the American Revolution, transcendentalism, and other areas relating to Concord and New England history.

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