Self-Guided Driving Tour Itinerary in Lexington, MA: Immersing in Revolutionary History

1. Start at the Lexington Visitor Center: Gather maps, brochures, and any necessary information about the town’s historic sites and driving routes.

2. Lexington Battle Green: Begin your tour at the Lexington Battle Green, the site where the Battle of Lexington took place. Park nearby and explore the grounds.

3. Buckman Tavern: Drive to Buckman Tavern, a historic gathering place for colonial militiamen. Park in the designated area and visit the tavern to learn about its Revolutionary history.

4. Munroe Tavern: Continue to Munroe Tavern, a well-preserved 18th-century building. Park nearby and explore the tavern’s exhibits to discover its role in the Revolution.

5. Hancock-Clarke House: Drive to the Hancock-Clarke House, a historic residence associated with John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Park in the vicinity and explore the house’s exterior.

6. Old Belfry: Drive to the Old Belfry, an iconic symbol of liberty. Park nearby and take a short walk to the belfry to appreciate its historical significance.

Remember to follow parking regulations, observe traffic rules, and refer to the maps and information obtained from the Lexington Visitor Center. This driving itinerary allows you to explore Lexington’s Revolutionary history conveniently, covering the key sites while traveling by car.



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