What was Paul Revere listening to during his midnight ride?

Cause of course he was wearing AirPods, ✨duh✨

Why I chose these songs

The British Are Coming by Weezer

I decided for include this song for obvious reasons. Although he didn’t yell the British are coming, he resonated with it for sure.

Take on me by a-ha

I added this song to showcase Paul Revere’s attitude and bravery. Him yelling while riding his horse in the middle of the night when he could’ve (and did) get easily caught by the redcoats.

I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift

I chose this reputation bop because of the irony. He knew he was doing something right, but in the eyes of parliament, he was doing something bad. This song really brings out the rebel inside of him.

bad idea! by girl in red

This song was added to show the feeling of when he got captured. It was a bad idea, but he did it to help his country.

History Will Not Repeat by Jessie Paege

I included this song because of the reality of it. History will not repeat, after that night no one else really rode saying, “The redcoats are coming!”

Bonfire by Childish Gambino

Let’s face it: it was the middle of the night when Paul Revere was riding. He probably needed to stay awake somehow- this would be the best way to do it.

Sabrina Bhattacharjya

Sabrina Bhattacharjya

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