Pretend you’re a movie star while your walking around Lexington, listen to this.

Seriously just try it.

Why I chose these songs

Just Like a Movie by The Wallows

I chose this song because that’s exactly why Lexington feels like- a movie. So much so, in 1924, they shot the silent movie, “America”.

People Watching by Conan Gray

I decided to include this song because Lexington is great for people watching. Grab some Ice Cream from Rancs, and sit on a bench and watch away.

Heaven by Niall Horan

That’s exactly what Lexington is- Heaven.

Northern Attitude by Noah Kahan

I added this song because when you walk into downtown you already can feel the New England charm. This song really captures what the vibe was in 1775.

Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode

I chose to include this 80s bop, because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. You just can’t get enough of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Sabrina Bhattacharjya

Sabrina Bhattacharjya

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